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The Void

The dark half...

This was a passion project of mine meaning I had a direct vision of what I wanted this game to look and feel like, and the story is something I've been wanting to use for a long time.  It's way more dark and serious than my other games. 

The beginning of the game is supposed to have no sound, so don't worry... there's nothing wrong with your system.


Advance through the game.


Directional pad: movement

A: Jump 

Other buttons: You'll know what to do with them when the time comes


- This was easily the most complex game I made and it required a lot of custom scripting on my behalf... there are plenty of areas that could use some improvement, but I'm happy with the results.

- This game was officially released to the public in May of 2020, National Mental Health Month.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorLCM Games
GenrePlatformer, Rhythm
Tagslcm, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), rom, void

Install instructions

Download and play on your favorite NES emulator, retro device, or flash cart.


This game doesn't cost anything, but if you would like to donate something for all the work put into it, that can be done here: 

Donate here


The Void.zip 34 kB


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Really cool concept! I was really into until the "red" part, which I found the controls let the rest of the game down.

Enjoyable, until the game went red, and it became impossible to see. The red and the black need to contrast more, and the player needs to be a different color. Perhaps white?

The low visibility combined with the terrible platforming physics makes for a super frustrating game to play. 
I kept trying to beat one section over and over, because I wanted to see how it ended! Alas...

2/5, cool until it very quickly sucked