(It is highly recommended that you download the ROM of the game and play it in your favorite NES emulator or flash cart. Playing the game in the browser may be a different and more difficult experience due to the limitations of the browser.)

Vector Run:  The Remake

The original "Vector Run" trilogy was the first big project I made with the NESMaker tool (www.thenew8bitheroes.com) in 2018.  Many people enjoyed it, but I always felt there were many things that could have been improved.  Three years since the release of it, I decided to take the NESMaker/scripting knowledge I learned over the years and completely rebuilt the game from the ground up while improving as much as I could... the final product is now done, and I am extremely proud of this remake.


  • Improved physics and refined controls
  • You can now select the chapter from the title screen without dealing with those annoying portal screens in the beginning
  • Almost the entire game scrolls and is no longer screen-to-screen
  • A more fleshed out story and ending
  • Improved level design and colors
  • Extra modes that can be unlocked


On the title screen, choose which chapter you would like to play and press start. Then get through the chapters with as few deaths as possible.


Directional pad:  Move the player
A button:  Jump
B button:  Advance text


  • This game was built with speedrunning in mind.  There are many shortcuts that can be discovered and utilized to get through the game even faster than usual.
  • Near the end of each chapter, there is a hidden "Easter egg" that can be found by exploring around a specific screen... here are some clues:
    CHAPTER TWO: Portal
    CHAPTER THREE: He's missing
    (just remember that, in those screens, not ALL blocks are solid)


Vector Run (2021).zip 46 kB

Install instructions

Download and play on your favorite NES emulator, retro device, or flash cart.


This game doesn't cost anything, but if you would like to donate something for all the work put into it, that can be done here:  Donate here


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I introduced your game.

Missed playing this at The Cooperage the other day -- but got a chance here. Really cool! Haha I was going to stop at 100 deaths but that came pretty fast :)

I saw there was NES cart of Vector Run from the Midwest Gaming Convention. How can I get a NES cart of the game?

Hey!  Unfortunately I sold the last of the carts I had in stock at MGC, but I'm currently in the process of getting another batch of carts created, and I can let you know when they're done!

Excellent. let me know. I will buy one. Any chance you will be making a box too? Games in boxes look better displayed.  Not needed to play the game of course.

I will definitely let you know when they're available again.  And you will also be happy to know that this next batch will include boxes!

Hello, Did you ever make more game carts for Vector Run? I am still interested and will buy 2 copies.  Let me know. Thanks. 

Deleted 46 days ago

Still a huge fan of this gem. This in my mind is platforming perfection with a killer soundtrack.Not enough good things can be said about vector run.Would love to see a kickstarter some day wink wink sign me up for a limited edition transparent shell hologram label. Anyway fantastic as always.

Great to see you're still keeping Vector Run alive!