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I introduced your game.

Missed playing this at The Cooperage the other day -- but got a chance here. Really cool! Haha I was going to stop at 100 deaths but that came pretty fast :)

I saw there was NES cart of Vector Run from the Midwest Gaming Convention. How can I get a NES cart of the game?

Hey!  Unfortunately I sold the last of the carts I had in stock at MGC, but I'm currently in the process of getting another batch of carts created, and I can let you know when they're done!

Excellent. let me know. I will buy one. Any chance you will be making a box too? Games in boxes look better displayed.  Not needed to play the game of course.

I will definitely let you know when they're available again.  And you will also be happy to know that this next batch will include boxes!

Still a huge fan of this gem. This in my mind is platforming perfection with a killer soundtrack.Not enough good things can be said about vector run.Would love to see a kickstarter some day wink wink sign me up for a limited edition transparent shell hologram label. Anyway fantastic as always.

Great to see you're still keeping Vector Run alive!