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The unplanned sequel...

Vector Run was a project I made for the NES with the NESmaker software.  I made a trilogy of games for it and also a standalone puzzle game in the series.  After making those, I vowed that I would put the Vector Run series to rest and not make another one...

... and then I discovered a piece of software called GB Studio (available for free here on itch.io) where you can make games for the original Gameboy hardware... long story short, Vector Run Mini was made for the Gameboy and it is the official sequel to the Vector Run trilogy.


Beat the game in as few deaths as possible.


Directional pad:  Move the player

A button:  Jump
B button:  Advance text in the communicator
Start:  Pause the game


- The is the first Vector Run game that has scrolling.

- There are multiple endings based upon how many deaths you have at the end of the game.

- If you beat the game in less than 10 deaths, you'll become part of the Elite Group and you'll learn how to unlock extra treats in the game!

Install instructions

Play the game in your browser here:

Or you can download the rom and play it on your favorite Gameboy emulator, retro device, or flash cart.


This game doesn't cost anything, but if you would like to donate something for all the work put into it, that can be done here:  Donate here


Vector Run Mini.zip 39 kB


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I played (and finished) it on stream. Simple design, but not a bad playthrough. Also I loved the plot :)


Hey, thanks for the kind words!  That was a fun little project to do.  If you decide to play it again, at the title screen, hold up, a, b, and select... While holding those, hit start.  You'll find a neat little surprise!